Summer activities

Our dogs are the athletes amongst all dog breeds, eager to run all day long. Winter time is their favorite season and when the northern lights are dancing in the sky on a chilly winter night, they can hardly be stopped from running. In summer time, when it is too warm to run, they like to chill out and relax after the hectic winter season. Nevertheless, they enjoy going for a walk with tourists or just playing in one of our freeyards. Now we even have wagons so you can go for a ride, on the cooler summer days.

When autumn is coming, we start training our dogs for the winter season.  After a long and lazy summer, they can’t wait starting to run again.

If you love dogs, our dogyard is an attraction itself . Here you can meet and greet our dogs, not to mention play with our puppies. Even if you haven’t booked a sled ride or a hike, you can end up spending hours here.

See you soon!