If you really wanna get the full experience of dog mushing, and have a want for adventure, this is the trip for you!

On our overnight tours you will take part in the whole proccess of travelling with a team of dogs. You will help with feeding and caring for your dogs, and we will travel through some amazing landscapes. Up in the mountains, down into valleys, over frozen lakes. During these days you will learn to know the dogs and they’re different personalities.
Important information and instructions about sledding, behavior between humans and dogs will be provided. You will be responsible for your own team of dogs. We have a review of what each participant brings with him of clothing and equipment, so we can supplement if necessary. We packages the sleigh and harness the dogs. The ride can begin, and we let the dogs take us into the mountains …This is not always sunshine adventure. The weather can turn in seconds, and what once was a good and fast trail, can turn into a slow trail with deep snow. We work as a team and help each other and the dogs. We must constantly adapt to the nature. It is what makes these trips uniqueand more exciting for our guests, and for the guide.

Duration: 24 hours

Start: 14.00

Price: 3.500 NOK pr. person

Including: guiding, dinner, breakfast and drinks, war winterclothes and good shoes.

Minimum 2 participants.

What to bring: good and warm clothes, a good winter sleeping bag. We have sleeping bag for rent if you need, price: 150 NOK

If this is the trip for you, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.